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“KCI has worked with the Regional Transportation District (RTD) of Denver for the past 14 years. Contracts on many RTD projects have funding sources from federal, state, and local agencies that each have stringent requirements on record keeping and contracts with our subcontractors.

During this time, we have had the pleasure of working with Adriane Sanford at The Sanford
Group who has served as our Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) liaison on many of these RTD On-Call contracts. They have been diligent to ensure smooth contract execution and completion with our pool of DBE subcontractors. On these contracts, The Sanford Group conduct interviews directly with DBE subcontractors on the construction site to ensure compliance and proactively handle any issues that may exist. In one case, their involvement was paramount to efficiently resolve a challenging issue that resulted in the satisfaction of RTD, the DBE subcontractor, and all agencies involved. They have demonstrated expert knowledge and thorough understanding of the construction industry and the DBE program.

We value our relationships with our subcontractors and consultants, and appreciate working with The Sanford Group. We want to commend BWA Diversity and their teams’ outstanding work for providing DBE Liaison services.”

Karen Peterson, Marketing Manager

Krische Construction, Inc.

“I want to commend The Sanford Group, LLC for your outstanding work in providing DBE/SBE outreach and compliance services for Swinerton Builder’s RTD Wadsworth and Sheridan Parking Garage projects. Your effective team work with Swinerton enabled the outstanding achievement of obtaining 32% DBE participation on Wadsworth and 54% SBE on Sheridan. Both surpassed RTD’s program goals of 16% and 51%, respectively. The 54% achievement I understand is unprecedented on any RTD and other national transportation projects to date. The new Denver RTD expectation bar has been set high.

The Sanford Group, LLC was very professional, maintained excellent communication with the team; aggressively problem solved issues and was very effective in working with RTD administration and staff, the Denver community and with DBE/SBE firms. You thought outside the box and met the challenges of the project.

Swinerton Builders would highly recommend your firm to clients which require similar DBE/SBE services. As a company, Swinerton will continue to explore opportunities for future teaming with The Sanford Group on other RTD and public projects.”

Dennis R Ashley, Design-Build Project Manager

Swinerton Builders

” I want to congratulate The Sanford Group, LLC for their outstanding DBE/SBE outreach and compliance monitoring accomplishments for RTD’s Wadsworth and Sheridan parking garages. With the original goals set for DBE participation at Wadsworth for 16% and Sheridan for SBE participation at 51%, their team set the bar high breaching 32% and 54%, respectively. I understand The Sanford Group, LLC set a national precedence of reaching 54%, given that no national transit agency has accomplished that feat to date. Most importantly, I was thoroughly impressed with their efforts working with the Hispanic Contractor of Colorado’s membership. You provided members with specific bidding opportunities, assisted them individually in understanding the scope and schedule, and oversaw their contract process, including verification of work payments and proper DBE/SBE certifications.

Best of all, HCC members got contracts. The Sanford Group, LLC has set the bar high for Denver’s RTD projects. I would highly recommend The Sanford Group for similar projects demanding a high level of professionalism, open communication and accountability. I wish you continued success. “

Helga Grunerud, Executive Director

Hispanic Contractors of Colorado

” Adriane Sanford is one of the most organized people that I know. She provides great education for construction-oriented classes.”
Kerr O’Connell, Construction Executive

Mortenson Construction

” As a newly certified DBE (Disadvantage Business Enterprise) and ESB (Emerging Small Business) in the State of Colorado, I found it to be a pleasure to be associated with Adriane Sanford on a professional basis. I observed her to be very knowledgeable, resourceful, and professional and friendly. Her can-do attitude is unsurpassed b her commitment to the community and the construction industry. Our company is making great strides in the construction trucking industry because of Ms. Sanford’s commitment and sincere desire to help. “
Black and White Trucking Connection, LLC.

” As an emerging disadvantaged business enterprise, Adriane Sanford was on the cutting edge of how to grow disadvantaged contractors. She encouraged my firm to expand our capacity and create additional bidding opportunities by teaming with another person that performed the same scope of work my firm performed. She facilitated our strategic planning to produce the needed results; we were able to work with the untapped talent of existing team members which greatly increased my company’s capacity. Now I am able to bid on larger projects as a result of Ms. Sanford efforts and knowledge of the construction industry.”
FHI Constructors, LLC.

” We have been in business for two years. It has been a challenge at times. I meant Ms Sanford at the CDOT CDC last year where she help me recognize our needs and suggested classes that have best helped our company grow. It wasn’t until I started attending the classes recommend by Ms. Sanford, that I began to understand how this information is so critical to the growth of our company. After each class, Ms. Sanford would follow up and see how the classes were helpful, she would listen and mentor us. I appreciate all of her help.”
Alarcon Brothers Concrete, Inc.

” Adriane Sanford has helped our business tremendously. I was troubled with the idea that our business needed structure and Adriane dedicated the time individually with us to explain the difference of business levels. We were faced with the harsh reality that even though we had been in business over ten years that we were still considered a start-up business and with Adriane’s recommendations, evaluations and consulting, she moved our business into a sustainable and growing emerging small business. Without her experience we would have fallen with the economy. “
Loya Construction, Inc.

” I met Adriane from a referral with the Aurora Business Development Center.

Adriane and I worked together to present a workshop to a group of Denver minority business owners.

While I had specific business expertise in financial matters, I found Adriane to have a great sense about people and business in general. I believe Adriane is a VERY good supporter of people. She is wonderful in helping people better their lives.

I consider Adriane a very good friend and business associated. I highly trust her character and intentions and highly recommend her. “

Darrell Berger, VP SBA Lender

FMS Bank

” I want to commend The Sanford Group, LLC. and their team’s outstanding work in providing DBE/SBE plan development, compliance monitoring services, DBE/SBE community and communication outreach system, and comprehensive written detailed monthly reporting on many of the RTD FasTracks projects they performed on. The Sanford Group and their team demonstrated expert knowledge and thorough understanding of the construction policies and procedures and the design and construction industry; which is a valuable asset to assist their clients with facilitating successful projects that meet the project participation goals.”

” The Sanford Group, LLC and its team were very professional, maintained excellent communication with the project manager team; aggressively problem solved issues and were very effective in working with RTD administration and staff, the Denver metro community and with DBE/SBE firms. They demonstrated excellent abilities to think outside the box to meet the challenges of the projects. “

Phillip A. Washington

Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

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