Breaking News: New WOSB Self-certification portal

Breaking News: New WOSB Self-certification portal

By APTAC Headquarters

The SBA is rolling out a new, modernized portal for the WOSB Federal Contract Program certification process. In this new portal, WOSB business owners will be able to manage their documents, complete application forms online, and receive notices of upcoming deadlines. SBA states that, as self-certification is still permitted while SBA develops new criteria, this modernized site supports those decisions.

The new portal is available here. 

With the launch of the new portal, the existing WOSB Federal Contract Program document repository in GLS became unavailable starting on Wednesday, March 23rd to allow for migration of existing repository documents to the new repository on Contracting officers have been advised that the system may be unavailable for several weeks and have been instructed to contact the SBA with individual requests to verify self-certification compliance for specific WOSBs.

Click here for more information on the new program.


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